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Dean Coulter

My name is Dean, and I am student of Interactive Multimedia Design.

I live in Belfast and study multimedia at the University of Uster, Jordanstown, where I’ve studied for the past two years. I am currently spending my third year at rehabstudio, Belfast.

I wasn’t sure where I would end up during this placement year, but my former boss at Tascomi recommended rehabstudio.  In my research, I found out that they worked with big global clients such as Google and Johnnie Walker, and I was sold.

Although I wasn't sure if they would be open to taking on placement students, I applied anyway.

There were actually a few other candidates who’d applied for internship at rehabstudio, so we were all asked to build a small javascript game to help them decide who to hire. Luckily, this other guy, Steven, and I were both doing equally well, so we both got the job.

Since joining rehab, I've been involved in projects for both Red Bull and Google, both dream jobs for me at such a young age--and great to have on my CV.

My internship finishes on June 21st, and then it’s back to University for my last year, which I’m looking forward to. But right now I’m looking forward to the big farewell party tonight, as it’s my last day at rehabstudio (where I’m currently trending on an internal email chain as a gif).


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